See Less News Feed of people you don’t Contact much on Facebook

We have lots of friends in our friends list on Facebook, don’t we? With some we are in regular touch while there are others with whom we don’t chat much. Well, let’s face it, all of us some or other friend whose updates we don’t like to see on our News Feed. If this is also the case with you, then here are steps what you should do.

There are some people in my friends list too, who post so much that I, sometimes, want to skip their updates. Sometimes this also result in so much news feed items that reading all of those takes a long time. Well Facebook can help you with this issue.


Although there are lists that we can create like acquaintance, close friends etc but here is a service that will actually suggest you who all friends to follow and who all not. The service is called Friend’s Organizer. When you visit this page, it will suggest you (based on your recent activity) that you have not contacted these friends in some time and can be moved to Acquaintance list.


Also, moving these friends will now be easy too. You just need to select or deselect the names of those. An interesting point here to note is that, these friends will still be there in your list and will not removed however you will now see their updates less than earlier. This will allow focusing on the updates of the people you actually want to go through without wasting time on scrolling.

So if your facebook profile is also flooded by the useless posts of some people you don’t wish to read, then you should definitely give it a try. This way you are sure not to miss any important update of your important friend.

Visit Friend’s Organizer

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