Select and Speak: Text to Speech function in Chrome

Reading is a very good habit as this enhances our vocabulary and speaking skills. But reading long articles or WebPages is really a very hectic task. Even sometimes I myself feel very bored when I spend a huge amount of my time reading. Sometimes I wish if I could get a person who can read those articles for me.

Recently I got to know about an extension of chrome that will speak up the text which is selected by you. The name of this extension is “Select and Speak”.  With this extension, whatever text is selected by you can be transformed speech.

Not only it speaks up the text, but also the quality of speech is also like humans. This feature is really good because many types of software that transform text to speech are available but the quality of their speech is like of the robots. Whenever I used them, I found that if a robot is reading something for me.

To use this feature, install the extension from the link given below and then go to any website and open any article on your chrome browser. Then select the text you want to read and then click on the “Select and speak” icon on chrome toolbar to start listening to the text. It clearly speaks up the text and intimates you the number of sentences, it is ready to speak.

You can play/pause whenever you want. It has a wide range of tonal quality that can be adjusted as per your convenience. 43 iSpeech texts to speech voices have been included in this. I found it really very useful and the interface is really easy to use too.

Download Select and Speak

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