Select Custom Size Screenshots on iOS with ScreenshotPlus

Screenshots are sometimes very important as they can help someone save time in not writing the entire text present on the screen, or just as a keeper of some important information. What if you are playing some game and need to save the high score to show it off to your friends? Simple, just take a screenshot. So whatever be it is, we all have taken screenshots some or the other time. These days almost every smartphone now provides a way to take a screenshot.

But the problem here is that it is only possible to capture the contents of the entire screen and not specifically any part of a screen. Suppose you need to capture only some custom size area of the screen and not the entire screen, then it would definitely involve you to work on the image editing later on, thus wasting your time.


Although we all work on image editing like cropping, improving color tone but if given a choice to crop an image before taking a screenshot, I would definitely not waste time later on. If you are an iOS user, then here is an app for you that can help you capturing custom area of the screen in a screenshot instead of the regular full screen shot.


The app is called as ScreenshotPlus, and using this you can capture a screenshot as shown in the image here. However to be able to use this app, you need to have Activator in your phone first as it will allow you to use the gesture feature of the ScreenshotPlus. To capture the screenshot, just give it a gesture (as set by you), and you will get a box to capture the shot. You can move and resize the box as per your needs and it will also give you the image size below so that you are able to make a perfect capture.

When you are done selecting the area to be captured, just press the camera icon and the image will be captured and saved as usual in your gallery. ScreenshotPlus is available to download in Cydia but it’s not completely free, but if feel saving time is better than editing an image later on, then you can get it for $0.99.

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