Sell your Unwanted Stuff through Facebook

We all purchase different items either online or from a market, but after sometime it can happen that we don’t tend to use that product anymore and is like useless for us. We might think of selling it online but this process is not that easy.

You will need to have an online account like that of eBay’s or other online selling website. What if I say, you can sell and purchase stuffs from Facebook? Don’t believe that we can actually sell our unwanted stuffs on a social networking site like Facebook? Well it is true, you can do this using a free service called JunkBox.

JunkBox is a free FB app using which you can not only sell or purchase stuffs through Facebook with your friends but also with people you are not familiar. What you have to do to be able to sell or purchase is, just visit this app (link at the bottom of the article), log in with your credentials and allow it to connect to your profile (similar to all other FB apps).

After you connect to JunkBox, you can create a new advertisement mentioning about the product you wish to sell along with the amount. Now you can share this advert on your wall or any group you wish to. The advantage of using this app is that even those persons who are not added in your profile can see the advert and can contact you to buy the product. However they will first be prompted to add you first in this case. So that means, only your Facebook friends can contact you to buy the item.

The app is really great to use if you have some items that you wish to sell online. The app is free, private and easy to use. Moreover you can make some money without having to put extra efforts.

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