Send a Secret Self Destructing Message with QuickForget

There are situations when we need to pass some of our secret information to others. This happened to me once when I needed to send my password to the email account to my brother because of unavailability of the internet with me that day. So what would you have done?

Emailing confidential information is not secure as it reveals our information for indefinite period of time. The other alternative to this situation is having a chat with the other person on phone and letting him know the secret info but do you think it is safe enough too?

The best way to transfer your secret message or information to anyone worldwide is by using a self destructing message that deletes itself automatically after either certain number of views or specified period of hours. I don’t think it can get easier and securer than this to send a secret message online.

Sending this self destructing message is very easy as you just need to visit this free web service called QuickForget and enter your secret message there. After you have entered what you need to convey to the other person, enter either the number of views or the time (in hrs) after which the message should get deleted and then click on “Save my Secret” button. Say you want the message to be deleted after 2 views or after 45 minutes then enter 2 and .75 respectively.

When you click on the button, you will get the URL that you need to share. You just need to send this link to your buddy for him to see your secret message. Remember, after the specified period of time/views, the message gets deleted from their database forever.

The web service is free and safe to use and also they don’t save any kind of cookies on either of you or reader’s computer.

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