Send and Read Twitter Updates directly from Google Talk

For all those who like Twitter much and tweeting a lot but don’t have enough time to manage tweet updates and see the tweets of others, here is a useful share for you.

We like tweeting on Twitter don’t we? But it is not possible, all the time, to log in to the twitter website to update and see the updates of others. So for all those who don’t find much time for twitter here is a tool that can help.

The tool is actually a bot called ChitterIM and is for all those who use Gtalk much. Using this bot, you can not only send twitter updates but also read the updates of people you follow right in the Gtalk you use.

What you need to do is visit the website shared below, login to your Gmail account (allow the bot), authorize the bot to use your Twitter profile (so that it can send and read the tweets on your behalf) and lastly add “” as your Gtalk buddy.

Adding ChitterIM as your buddy is necessary as it provides the window where you can read the twitter updates or send them directly to twitter. After you have added this buddy, click on it as you click on your friends’ names to start a conversation. In the chat window that opens, type your tweet, when you press enter, this will be sent as your tweet on your twitter timeline.

ChitterIM is a great tool for all those people who are on Gtalk most of the time but can’t find enough time to log in and out again and again from the Twitter page.

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