Send Encrypted and Private Emails from your Gmail on Chrome

Today with the hackers are so active that one can never be sure of the information exchange over the web. Whenever we send an email to someone, even it can be hacked before reaching the recipient. Thus, if you are required to send someone important and confidential information then sending an email would not be safe at all.

But that does not mean you should not email someone at all, in fact if the information is really private then you can send the recipient an encrypted message that will self destroy after a limited time. This way, it would not be easy for anyone to decode the message and your information will remain protected.

To implement this and to send an encrypted email, you just need to login into your Gmail account with the Chrome browser. If you can do that, then here is an extension called SafeGmail that will encrypt the normal message for you using the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) algorithm.

How to use SafeGmail:

1. Install the extension from the link provided at the bottom of this article.
2. Login to Gmail as usual but after restarting the Chrome browser.
3. Compose the email normally but now you will see two extra buttons in the Gmail menu. After you have finished composing the email, click the “Encrypt?” button.

4. Now you will see a questionnaire in which you should put a question and the answer to it (the answer is case sensitive). This questionnaire will be used at the recipient’s side for logging into the email.
5. Now when you are done, click the Send + Encrypt button, to send the encrypted email.
6. At the other side, the recipient will need to answer the same question to receive a link with some encrypted text.



7. First copy this encrypted text, and then click on the “Click Here” link in the email.

8. Now in the text box that opens, you need to paste the above copied text. When you click the “Show my Mail” button, your decrypted text will appear.


It might be little extra effort to send and receive the encrypted private information to someone, but it is worth it and that too when you don’t have to install any third party tool for that. Please note that this extension is not found to work on new Gmail interface.

Download SafeGmail

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