Send Encrypted, Secure and Secret E-Mail Messages to Friends

If you are being spied upon and also if you are working on a shared computer and are unable to send some important private message to a friend then here is a way to send those secure messages to your friends through e-mails online.

The following is a way through which you also don’t need to either install software or sign up somewhere. Adding to the advantages is that, this service is free.

Lockbin is a great way of sending a private email message in an encrypted way. Lockbin is a free service for sending private email messages. It can be easily used to send confidential information like credit card information.

What you have to do is just complete the 5 steps listed below and the information will be sent in a secure manner:

1.    Agree to usage agreement
2.    Enter security code
3.    Type your personal message
4.    Type in a secret word
5.    Enter your and friend’s name and email address.

The info will not be sent to your friend’s e-mail address rather he will receive a message saying that “you have received a secret message” and he just have to type in the same secret word as entered by you. (So don’t forget to tell him the same secret word)

When the encrypted message is received, it is destroyed from Lockbin’s database, and decrypted in the recipient’s browser, provided that they entered the Secret Word correctly.

At least one thing is for sure, this service is safer than sending sensitive data directly through email.

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