How to send files to Cloud Services by adding them in “Send to” Menu

In many previous articles we have told you about the advantages of online cloud services, which help you to secure your data, provide you sufficient storage space and allow you to share your files with your friends and teammates. You have to backup or synchronize your files on these cloud services.

Now if you are using any of these cloud services, then we can give you a simple tip that will help you a lot and will save much of your time.  Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive client are the most commonly used cloud services today.

To save your data on the above said services you have to get these clients installed on your PC and then you have to drag and drop or copy and paste your files on these installed programs to get your files saved almost instantly. But how about adding an option of these programs in “Send To” menu? Yes, it is possible in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Steps to add cloud service provider clients in “send to” menu:

• Press Windows logo +R key to open run command box. Then type:


• A pop up window will open and you will see the option of these clients on the left side of window under favorites(only if you have the clients installed), you can add these clients in the window and these options will start appearing in the send to menu

In this way a lot of your time will be saved. But be sure that if you send files by using this option, your file will be saved in the root folder, but if you want to save it in any sub folder then you have drag and drop it manually.

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