Send Large Files through Emails from Desktop, Web or Mobile

When it comes to sending some files or other electronic stuffs, our first priority remains as the email. Although there are other options to send a file like uploading onto some cloud server and sending the downloading link to the other recipient but this can be bit complex for some simple user who don’t know much of this stuff apart from email.

So whether it is some video clip or some large file, which you need to send to someone we have faced problems while using the email for this purpose. All the email services that are available today are free and none of them provide the capability of sending a large sized file. Say for instance, Yahoo mail that has the limit of 25 MB can’t be used for sending a file more than this.

For all those who wish to use the email as the media to send large files, should try this free web service called DigitalPigeon. It is an online free email sending service that can be used to send large files in MBs or GBs to another recipient who need not be a DigitalPigeon user (something that I liked the most).

You just need to create an account on DigitalPigeon, login and enter the recipient’s email address. After this you can now attach the file, which will be stored on their fast servers powered by Amazon. You can also see the preview of the email before sending it so that you can know how it will look at the other end. When you click Send button, an email will be sent to the user with the download link from where the files can be downloaded.

The service also lets you know when the other person has seen the files and when not. Moreover the service is also available for mobile phones as a mobile app. This will allow the users to be mobile and yet use this service. You can also download the desktop app on your computer, so that you don’t need to visit this again and again.

There are some limitations to this service too. Free users can only send files upto 500 MB in size and that too at the max 4 times in a month. Files also expire after 7 days of time. So if you are a business user who need to use this service without any restrictions, then you can go ahead and buy the paid plans.

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  1. Have you tried to send a very large file to someone using upload based methods and got the transfer interrupted? It is so frustrating. Binfer does not such problem because it can auto resume interrupted transfers. With Binfer you can send large files of any size. You can drag and drop entire folders with hundreds to pictures. See their website for details.

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