Send or Receive Emails using Facebook Email Address

The mostly used social networking website, Facebook is now providing facility to send and receive e-mails. The site is now providing an E-mail address to all its users that could be located on your profile’s contact information. When you will check it out in the contact info, you will see that your original E-mail address that you have provided while creating your account is now replaced with an address that would look like “”.

Now you might be thinking that how these changes have occurred in your profile without notification. It is possible that some of you would have got the news of such changes if someone had already emailed you using that address. It is likely that some of the users might resist this change as it has been made without notifying them.

An interesting point to note here is that, the email address will have your username by default, and in case you wish to change it, you will have to change your username too (to something that is available). The screenie below shows my FB email address which is same as my FB username.

So anyhow if you think that you don’t want to this e-mail address to be displayed on your profile, then you can easily hide it. But mind it that you can only hide the address, you cannot disable this facility. By default Facebook has placed this address as a primary E-mail address on your profile thus it is impossible to remove it.

So if you want to hide this address, visit the contact info of your profile by clicking the ‘About’ option present below your display name and then on the contact info click edit. It will show you all the websites and email accounts that are connected to your profile. Here you will find an E-mail address with Facebook domain name. Here you can click on the box corresponding to each of your mail ID. You can select the box to hide the address as shown in the screenshot above.

As every element has its own advantage and disadvantage, here this will help to reduce the spam emails as the e-mails will be sent to your Facebook Messages instead of your original mail account and the disadvantage could be that the spammers and stalkers could easily find your email address as the address only has your username attached to the sub domain name.

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