Send Rage Troll Faces as Messages on iOS with RageBoard

Sometimes chatting with friend with texts is not enough and since words can’t express our true emotions we use emoticons and other things. Emoticons like Emoji are added as additional keyboard to the default iOS device keyboard which can be accessed by pressing the globe icon beside the keyboard. Similarly we can make our communication more expressive by sending rage faces which are trending these days on the entire web.

Rage faces like the troll faces are there on the entire web whether it is Facebook or other social site, as these provide some comic but extremely real expressions. You can also use these troll rage faces to communicate your emotions to the other guy but to be able to send the faces you need to add them first in your phone. You can either add each face you receive to your gallery or just add this keyboard called RageBoard.


RageBoard is an additional keyboard that you can add in your phone so that you can select any rage face from the lists of every mood and send to your buddy via message. RageBoard provides around 350 faces and expressions to select from, and you can also jump to any category easily too. There are many categories to choose from like angry, annoyed, happy, neutral, rage, troll, worried and others. Just select a face, type some text and send it to your friend.


RageBoard can be used with many applications like messages, whatsapp, twitter, Facebook and Facebook messenger etc. If you are unable to see the face clearly, you can keep it tapped for longer time to zoom it before selecting. The RageBoard is available to only jailbroken devices but can be received by any device whether or not jailbroken.


You can add it to your phone from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $4.99 which, in my opinion, is pricey. May be you can find any other app for lesser price but if you really wish to use it frequently, then you might want to pay this price. [via]

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