Set Auto Replies for Text on iPhone with AutoResponder 2

I don’t know what but the maximum number of texts I receive are when I am either driving or sleeping. Funny it is, but it’s a common scene with many users. How many times it has happened to you that you are busy with something, can not look into your phone and receive some urgent text from your wife? Well if you don’t reply to it you are gone 😀

Although people can leave a message in a voicemail to you but what if they are waiting for some response from your end? Wouldn’t it be great if you can set up some auto replies for all the messages that goes unattended for some specific period of time? I am sure this would help many people like me.

Well if you are using an iPhone then this can be done easily by using an app from Cydia store called as AutoResponder. This app was supported to all the old iOS firmware but for all those with iOS 6+ , the developer had updated the app and it now comes as AutoResponder 2.


Using this app, you can set up the auto reply from your iPhone to those who send a text to you and if it goes unattended for some specified amount of time. To be able to use this app, you will first need to setup the configurations (as shown).


The Delay option specifies the time for which if the text goes unattended by you, the phone may send the auto reply to the sender. You can also set the message that is sent automatically. If you decide not to send auto replies to some people, then you can add exceptions in the Whitelist section, just make sure that their numbers are complete with country and state codes.

The app is available in Cydia store but for small amount of $1.5. So if you know that this app is going to benefit you a lot then you should definitely don’t mind spending this amount. The app works great and the messages are also sent instantly.

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