Set Custom Color of all the already Visited Links in Firefox

I love reading and I can really say that reading is my passion. Hence I visit many websites regularly to keep myself updated but sometimes it happens that by mistake I click on a link that I have already read. You have observed that while searching for anything on any search engine like Google or Yahoo, the links that you have already visited gets changed into different color so that you don’t have to waste your time on reading these again.

This is a web browser feature that is supported by most of the browsers today but in case you wish to enable it specifically on your system, here is how to. Firefox has introduced an add-on that is known as Visited. This add-on will change the color of all the links that have been already visited.

Though the default color has been set as gold but you can change it to any of your choice. However changing colors is a bit tricky as you have to go to the Advanced Firefox preferences to do so. As this can’t be done in an options menu via the about:addons page.

So to change the link color, enter about:config in the browser address bar to open the advanced configuration of the browser. Filter for the parameter extensions.visited.color.visited and change the value with a double click. You can enter a color name or color code beginning with # in the value field. You can for instance change it to #800080 to turn the visited link color to purple.

Also whenever you want you can easily deactivate and reactivate this feature easily using the combination Alt-V for text links, or Alt-Shift-V for image links. This will really help you to differentiate the links that you have already visited.

Download Visited Firefox Addon

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