Set Custom Ringtones for your Skype Contacts on Windows

Technology had improved so much in the past that wherever you are in the world, it is always easy and affordable to talk and chat to our loved beings. With the improvements in voice over internet, distances have been reduced a lot. It is now possible to talk to anyone in any corner of the world over internet. This is the reason why most people use Skype today.

Well if you also use Skype a lot on your computer here is something that will interest you. Being a Skype user myself, I know it is not possible to set our own custom ringtones for the contacts saved in the Skype, hence for all the incoming calls there is the same default Skype ringtone. Although it is not an issue to most people but in case you want something to distinguish some callers from others without actually seeing the caller name, then here is the tool for that.


You can make use of this tool called as Skypeman and is actually a Skype alternate which you can use to perform all the usual functions of the Skype and still have the custom ringtone sounds for your contacts.

Here is how it works:

Download and install the tool Skypeman and during the installation you might come across a pop up from Skype asking to give permission, select Yes to give it the access to use Skype.


Now you will see your contact list in the Skypeman tool, select and double click the contact to set the ringtone. It will open a box as shown, where you need to uncheck the Default button and browse for any tone in your system. Supported files are mp3, wav, ogg and other common formats. There is no button to apply the changes since the changes are automatically applied.

This is a good utility if you wish to assign custom ringtone to your contacts other than the default Skype ringtone, just remember you need to use Skypeman for calling purpose and not Skype.

Download Skypeman

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