Set Custom Sound or Internet Radio as Alarm in your Android Device

We all love when we have lot many options to customize any app we have in our phone or tablets. The apps that we have in our phones by default are not really customizable and thus there is nothing exciting about them. One such app is the default Alarm clock app in our phone. It is a basic app with not much features, however, enough to wake us every day.

If you use your Android Alarm daily then you know that it possible to set custom sounds as alarm if they are present as music file in our phone. So we just need to select that sound and apply as an alarm sound. But if you are someone who wakes up using the mobile alarm every day then try out this app called as AlarmDroid.


This app is full of features like, you can set custom sounds present in phone or not, set internet radio station as alarm even set a full playlist of music as the alarm. Sounds interesting? Below are more features to keep you hooked on:

• The app can be used to set a speaking alarm so that you can hear the present time, weather forecast for the day as the alarm.
• You can select a sound as the alarm which can be your ringtones, a custom sound in mp3, an internet radio station (so that you wake up to your favorite station everyday) or even a playlist of the music.
• The app also lets you set the puzzle feature, for if you are someone who likes to go back to sleep again and again. To turn the alarm off, you will need to solve the puzzle every morning.


You can also set a secondary sound as the alarm so that it plays in case your primary sound goes missing like if the source file is deleted or say if your internet is not working for the radio.

The app also has a test feature, which is recommended to try so that you know how your alarm is going to sound next morning. There are some miscellaneous features in the app which will add to your liking, like volume ramping which increases the volume after some time.

So if you feel this app is useful to you, give it a try from the location below.

Download AlarmDroid

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