How to Set Full Size Profile Pic on Facebook without Cropping

We all love changing our profile pictures on different social websites, and even on Whatsapp. Of course, we like it when someone likes and comments on our profile picture, don’t we? Over the time, Facebook had turned more into something like our life card where we have everything mentioned about us.

I also like to put a profile pic of me on my profile and being a photographer myself, I like to choose different crop size for me. One day, when I was trying to update my pic I found that Facebook had introduced this mandatory crop feature where we had to crop our photo before uploading it.

Well, to be honest, I don’t like this idea as I had selected the best crop for me already and cropping it further reduces the beauty of the image. So for all those, who don’t like this feature either, here are the steps to put your full size pic as your FB profile picture back again.


1. Get your photo ready, which you wish to upload.

2. Now instead of going to go to the mobile version instead which is


3. You will need to login the same way, or if you logged on to the web version, it will redirect.

4. Go to your profile and click on the small camera icon on your profile pic (the way you would have on your phone).


5. Now click on the Upload Photo button.


6. Click Add Picture, browse for the new pic and set it as Profile Picture.


That’s it, you will see that your pic that you set is the same original size and you don’t need to crop the image as forced by Facebook.

I have been using this feature for myself for some time now and it had worked perfectly every time. Share your reviews, if it worked for you too.

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