Set Maximum Number of Tabs to be Opened in a Firefox Window

Do you open many tabs while you are online or working for a project? This is a common sight with anyone working online, as is with me. Though it looks really messed up but for ease of work, probably we all do the same thing as you can open multiple sites in a single window and you can switch between them easily.

It happens sometimes that unwillingly some links get opened in new tabs. That increases the burden of the browser and makes it slow. The same time your tab bar also gets overflowed due to opening of too many tabs.

If you are using Firefox browser, then you can overcome this issue by installing Max Tabs extension with which you can set the maximum number of tabs that can be opened in a single browser window at a time. The extension will also notify you at the time when you will be crossing the set limit of the opened tabs.

With the notification you can close those tabs that are useless and you can open the link that you want to open. For example if you set the maximum number of tabs to 10, then when you will try to open the 11th tab, the extension will immediately alert you for this. You can download the add-on from the link given below.

This add-on will be really helpful for those who likes to work with lots of tabs opened. This will help you in keeping the browser run smooth and fast. The noticeable point in this add-on is that it won’t forcibly close any window, instead it will restrict and prompt you at the time when you will exceed the limit of the opened tabs.

Download Max Tabs

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