Set YouTube Videos for Auto Replay in Chrome

YouTube is one of the best websites where one can find any type of video instantly and easily. You can search and play videos on your phone, your handheld device or on your desktops. There may be other websites but none is so far as good as YouTube. Most of the users even term the website as an ocean of videos.

Whenever you watch a latest video or I should say a video that you like, you would always want it to keep it playing continuously or at least more than once but for that you are required to hit the Replay button again and again.

Isn’t it bit tiring? It is also somewhat annoying at the time when you are watching a latest released song video that you like and you have to click ‘replay’ button over and over again to watch it. So instead of this you can use a chrome extension that is called YouTurn which will allow you to replay your videos automatically.

With this extension you will be required to only hit the extension button once and it will auto repeat the video, once it is on. The extension button will be like a Grey colored circle that will turn Green once you click. The button turning green shows that the auto play feature has been activated.

Whenever you want to turn off this feature, you can either close the window or can click on the ‘Turn auto play off’ option to disable the feature. If you like watching videos on YouTube, then you would really like this extension. You can download this extension from the link given below. With this extension you can also leave the song played forever and enjoy the music without worrying about playing it again and again.

Install YouTurn For Google Chrome

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