Share Copied Text between any Device with Internet Clipboard

We all have used the Ctrl + C buttons to copy text or a file but do you know that when we use this copy feature the text is copied to our Windows clipboard till we use it for the next time. Every system has a clipboard where some texts are stored but the limitation with it is that it is specific to one system only.

This means that, if you copy certain text in one system it can only be used in that system only. What if you want to copy some text or a big paragraph from one computer to another? We would generally email the text from first system to another, but this can be slow and would also involve email formatting.

A simple solution to share a copied text from any device (whether computer or a mobile device like iPad) to any device, is to use an internet clipboard where we can paste the copied text. I came across this service called Cl1p, which is nothing but a simple Internet Clipboard that allows you to create your own page where you can upload any text with any formatting and access it again from another device to download it from there.

What you all have to do is just create your page first (enter some name and click Go button), then paste any text there and click publish button. The page will go live and you can access this link from anywhere and from any device to get the copied text back.

Isn’t this a good service to share copied text between any devices?

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