Share Files of Unlimited Size Online with your Friends

There are lot many online file sharing websites that you can use for file sharing with your buddies like Dropbox or Windows Live Skydrive but they have restrictions with them too. The major restriction with them is you need to buy the paid subscription to share large files, files above the set limit.

Recently, it was when I wanted to share my pics with my friends (having large size) that I found this cool way of sharing files of any size online. The solution is with Opera Unite, which is a simple way of making peer-to-peer connection between you and your buddies so that you can send/share files of any size.

What you need to do is just click on Opera Unite button in the bottom left corner of the browser. Create a username and password to log in and then click File Sharing option to get started. Select the folder to share, privacy options and a password to keep the files private.

After you have password protected the files, you just need to provide your friend with this password and keep the system running for the connection to establish and facilitate the download at his end. Sharing the files of any size hasn’t been simpler, isn’t it?

Download Opera Unite File Sharing

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