Share Files Online with your Friends via Facebook

For all those who like to use Facebook a lot here is some cool app that will come very handy too. To share or send any file online to your friends, you had to either use email service or use some file sharing services but here is another file sharing app that is developed especially for people who like Facebook much.

The app is called FileFly and is nothing but a free file sharing online service for the Facebook. Filefly is the easiest way to share anything, privately, with your friends on Facebook. Using this app allows you to create a folder that is accessible everywhere, transfer up to 2GB of data instantly to your friends on Facebook and still pay nothing as it is free to use.

To be able to use this service what you all need to do is just visit the service while being online on Facebook, click on the button “Use FileFly”, allow access to use your information (just like other Facebook apps), create a folder to save the files (by default it will save the folder with your name which you can rename easily), add files to it to be shared and then share it with your friends on Facebook.

So simple isn’t it? Your friends with whom you have shared the files will get a notification about the share and they can easily download the files to their system using this app again. Files uploaded are valid up to 30 days within which these can be accessed any number of times.

The service is very simple and safe to use, however 2GB limit is not enough (at least for everybody) but still is a great way to share for all those who like Facebook a lot.

Use FileFly

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