Share Your Computer with Friends Using Gbridge

Wouldn’t it be good if you are able to share your desktop with your friends on Gtalk online? Imagine how much easy it would be if your friend can also see the folders lying on your system, and all of you are able to work together on a presentation that you needed to prepare.

I came across this cool and free toll called Gbridge that enable us to share folders, transfer files, synchronize items between different PCs, chat and also share desktop with your google talk friends all at the same time.

It extends Google’s gtalk service to collaboration VPN (Virtual Private Network) that connects your computers and your close friends’ computers directly and securely.

Features of Gbridge:

•    DesktopShare(VNC)

Access your computer desktop remotely or share your desktop with your friend from anywhere, even behind NAT.

•    SecureShare

Securely share files among your own computers, so you can remotely access your files, e.g. play mp3 , with ultimate privacy.

•    AutoSync

Transfer big files and sync folders from/to anywhere has never been easier

•    EasyBackup

Setup an auto-recurring local or remote backup of your important directory.

Download Gbridge

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