Shoot Slow-Motion Videos like iPhone 5S on your old iPhone

The new released iPhones 5S and 5C are really making news these days and especially the iPhone 5S. Moreover it’s the Gold color iPhone 5S that is in great demand. There are lot many new features in the new iPhone this time and one of those is the ability to record the videos in really slow motion, at 120fps to be exact. So that means when you shoot a video in this high speed but play back at 30 fps, the video is really in slow-mo.

But if you already have an iPhone, you don’t need to buy the new iPhone 5S just to enjoy this slow-mo video recording. Here is an app for that called as SloPro, which will enable you to record the videos and edit them to slow-mo. Read the tutorial below to understand how.

Using the SloPro app is not that difficult, you just need to record the video and edit it in the app (you can also render the already recorded videos from your iPhone too).

1. Record

Just install this free app, and run it to record a new video. You will come across a big Red button that enables the recording. To adjust the light and enable the flash, press the light toggle button on top left corner and if you need to lock the exposure so that you can shoot easily in the low light conditions, the button is on the top right side.


2. Edit

Now when you are done, you can open the videos from the bottom left corner which will provide you the option of slowing it by 40% and also by 25% (slower). You can also pull an already recorded video into the app for slowing down.


In that screen you will see three Rendering options, Optical Flow, Frame Blend and Ghost. Optical flow will help in high speed rendering, Ghost to provide a trailing effect in the videos whereas Frame Blend should be used to reduce the jittery effect from the videos shot at 30fps (like iPhone 4S). You can also select the 500 fps or 1000 fps rendering methods to have real slow-mo videos.

3. Share

Next you have the option of sharing the videos to some sites like Facebook, Youtube and other places. However to export the video to the camera roll and to remove the watermark you will need the paid version (at $3.99).

Well if you liked the app then you can use it on your iPhone having iOS 6.0 or later from the link below.

Download SloPro

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