Show Hibernate Button on Shutdown Permanently

For all those users who like to Hibernate their system quite frequently but don’t like pressing the Shift key to get the Hibernate option, here is a quick article that will help you display all the four buttons of Turn off, Restart, Stand By and Hibernate together in the Shutdown menu.



The above screen shots would have told you what this post is going to do, so if you feel your computer also needs the Hibernate button by default, follow the steps.


1.    For this we need to make some changes in the registry.

2.    I have created the reg file for you which you can download and double click after unzipping the archive. This will automatically add the Hibernate button as the fourth button by default.

3.    But in case if you want to remove the option back to the default three buttons, then delete the entry ShowHibernateButton from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\Shutdown key or use this reg file.

Now Hibernate button will not appear on Stand By when Shift key is pressed.

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