Show your Latest Tweets in your Email Signature

Twitter is one of the famous social sites that one can even not think of staying away from it for so long. But there are people who wish to stay away from it. So if you wish to show these people your latest tweet or just share with the world what’s you tweeting about, then this service will surely help you.

With the help of this service called TwitFooter, you can easily add your latest tweet updates to your email signatures. What you need to do is just login into this service with your twitter credentials and setup it for sync, generate a code and embed that in the email service you use (not a difficult process).

TwitFooter works great with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and other email services. Just generate a code block and paste that in the email service so that it always sends you the latest updates on its own. This is surely a good way to attract new followers, isn’t it?

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