Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep

I don’t know how many of you are like this but I do like to listen to music every night before going to sleep. Sometime its either on my laptop and other times its on my phone. Listening to my favorite songs before going to sleep help me lighten up the mood and also helps in sound sleep but we need to take care of shutting the app or the laptop down before going to sleep.

If you are someone who also likes to listen to music on your phone then here is something that might come useful to you. This app is called as Super Simple Sleep Timer and as you can make out from the name of the app, it’s a simple music sleep timer app that helps in turning down the music app on your phone after the set time (just like there used to be a timer off button on our TV sets).


For the obvious reasons of saving battery and closing the app before going to sleep, this app will help all those who sometimes fall asleep while listening to the songs. So what you need to do is just install this app, run it to configure the settings and let it work.


The app is very simple to use, as you just need to select the music app from the list of apps you have on your phone, set the sleep time duration (in minutes) and press the Set Sleep Timer button to let it start monitoring.


There is a speaker button in the center too, which lowers the volume first, shuts the music app and then restores the volume back. I found the app quite useful as I am someone who likes to fall asleep to music. You can also add time to the already set duration.

So if you liked the app, here is the download link for you to give it a try.

Download Super Simple Sleep Timer

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