Simplest way to check your Internet Speed by Netflix

In today’s internet dominant world we are sometime required to check our internet speed. Whether you want to check how much speed you are getting or if your internet is actually working, we all need free internet speed test websites.

While is the most famous website that had dominated for years, recently Netflix had launched the simplest free web service to determine your internet speed. This service is called as Fast, and is so simple that you don’t need to click any button to check your speed nor you see any advertisement. Moreover the trust of Netflix sign at the bottom makes it my primary choice today.


So what you need to do, just head to and that’s it. It will instantly start monitoring your internet speed and show you the results in the end. So if you want to verify the speed that you signed up for vs the speed that you are actually getting, give this service a shot.

This service is simple that you might like it as well. I did verify the results with speedtest and found them to be more or less the same. Share your thoughts below, if you like this service or not.

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