Sites to Access Blocked Sites like Orkut, Facebook

Many of us can not use the social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Myspace at our office, school or college. The people with the admin rights usually block these sites in the backend but thanks to many online sites that enables us to use these sites without their notice.

There are many ways to access the blocked sites like Orkut but here are few popular online sites that allow us to bypass restricted sites at work, school or college, including unblocking sites like Orkut, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook.

List of Online Sites to access Blocked Orkut:

1.    The easiest one is to visit instead of usual So now when you access orkut all the links will have images instead of www in the beginning.

2.    The most famous alternative to Orkut is (previously known as

But since this is quite famous, the chances are it is also blocked but surely worth a try.

3.    Kproxy: another great site to access blocked sites like Orkut

4.    Proxut: Proxy site designed especially for the Orkut. It will surely help you.

5.    TcP6: unblock Myspace, Bebo, Orkut, Youtube with this anonymous web proxy

6.    Pagemod: another great site

It may be possible that some of these are blocked but the chances are always there that one of these will help you.

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  1. Web proxies does not always work so the best option is a VPN or a hide ip software. I’m using Ip Privacy and i recommend it because has premium proxies from US and Europe.

  2. those sites that you posted din’t even work hir
    on my office.. the pop-up blocked will still come
    out.. so its useless!!

  3. Hi Guys those who are not able to access these sites can try site it will work. place the address as it is.

  4. One of the options that you might want to try if you are blocked by going to a site is ONLY if you have Outlook installed and operating the application. If this is the case, from the tool bar area, right-click and choose to show the “web” tool bar. In the case that you already have this turned on, skip this step. Once this is turned on, you will notice that there is an icon that had a maginifine glass over the earth. You might also see a chain link over the globe as well. In either case, click on this icon. Once you have done so, an additional bar will appear in the web tool bar. You will have to type out the full web address, including the “http://www.XXXXXXX.XXX. Press enter and that should allow you another work around.

    ANY MORE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OUR Institution has some WEBSENSE installed which blocks the sites!

    anybody got any help with it??????

  6. Try a professional unblocker like MicroVPN, you can use it anywhere, at school or at work, to unblock websites, or to encrypt traffic and protect from your boss or ISP filters and monitoring.

  7. i am a 1st yr student of karunya cllge nd am dieng vitout facebook…becoz thy hve blockd all social ntwrkng sitezz..access denied,,,seraph hasbn blckd tiz…tiz s the mesg i hne tried all idea gvn above …plzz sum bdy help me…thz s rlly fxxxxxxx…..

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