Skip Ads on Youtube easily

Ads feel good to the eyes sometimes but if we are made to view them again and again, it starts feeling annoying. It feels worse when you wish to some video on Youtube but what you come across is an ad of around 30 seconds in length.

This seriously wastes our time and resources. Imagine yourself watching a Youtube video of around 1 minute length but you are spending half of the time in getting rid of the youtube ad video that loads in the beginning.

Moreover there is no way to skip these ads on Youtube and we, having no choice, have to view the ads till our video starts. Well if you are also annoyed with the Youtube video ads, then here is how to skip ads on Youtube easily.

1.    If you surf the internet on Chrome browser, then you can make use of this extension called Skip Ads on Youtube. What this extension does is, it places a blue colored play button on the video itself clicking which will take you directly to the hosted video and skip the ad.

The disadvantage of this extension, however, is that it will work directly on the video website and not on the third party websites sharing the video like Facebook.

2.    Adblock Plus: This is one of the best plug-ins available for both Firefox and Chrome that can disable most of the ads including the Youtube ads. You won’t even know if it was there.

Adblock Plus for Firefox Adblock Plus for Chrome

So do try these ad blockers that will make your internet surfing experience easy and clean.

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