SliderDock: Desktop Application Launcher

We use various applications and programs on our computers daily, some quite often and others little less. Most applications also tend to install their shortcuts on the desktop so if we wish to use them we have to double click them from the desktop.

This could be little irritating as we have to navigate to the location and search and click them to be able to use them. Here is a desktop application launcher called SliderDock which can help. As the name indicates, this is a cool looking desktop launcher dock right on your desktop having all your most used applications which can be launched in a single click.

You can add any application in the dock as it is highly customizable, scroll your mouse wheel to rotate the applications in the dock and select your favourite one. SliderDock’s icons can easily be accessed in different manners depending of your preferences, either by using the mouse or the keyboard shortcut keys.

You can also make the dock disappear with the shortcut key if you don’t want it to appear on your desktop, and the same key would also bring it on, if you think otherwise. SliderDock will also automatically hide itself when you launch an application giving the application the focus so it doesn’t interrupt your work flow.

The dock is supported on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Also if the system is used by more than one user, each user can configure it in its own style.

Download SliderDock

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