Slow Down Caps Lock Key to Avoid Accidental Click

It happens many times to us while typing we accidentally hit the Caps Lock key and after long time we come to know that we had done that. This can be very painful if we have written half of the page as we will have to rewrite it again or while entering the passwords.

This happens a lot to all of us and thus to avoid us we have to be very cautious while typing on the keyboard. Well here is another app that can help you. The app is called CAPshift, and using this app you can delay the function of the Caps Lock key so that if you, accidentally, hit the key you don’t have to worry about writing the remaining passage or entering the password.

What this app also does is, it shows you the right click menu too from which you can select various formatting options like you can convert a text passage into lowercase, UPPERCASE, TitleCase, iNVERTEDcASE or RaNDoMCaSE.


• Accidentally hit of the Caps Lock key is ignored

• To enable Caps Lock key, hold it for around half a sec and you can still use the Caps Lock function.

• Hold down for 1 sec to show the menu.

• Also slows down F1, Insert, NumLock and Scroll Lock

If you find it difficult to handle the Caps Lock key while writing, then do try this free app.

Download CAPshift

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