Solution to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge making Grinding Sound when Opening Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones are really world class phones with loads of features but sometimes technology do perform how it’s not supposed to perform. If you are reading post then I am sure you might be facing some kind of weird machine sound, or call it as a grinding noise coming from your phone when you are trying to open the camera.

I have been facing this issue for some time now and not only when I run the camera, but also when switch the camera from front camera to the rear or switch from gallery to camera or even when any application uses the camera, it produces this weird sound.

Check out this video that I have created to discuss more about this issue and the live test where you can see my phone is actually producing the grinding sound.

Well, then what’s the solution to this issue?

If you trust me, then let me tell you there is no solution to this issue that you can do on your own. There is no workaround to this as well. There are no settings or configuration changes as well, that you can do in the phone or the camera that will stop the problem.

Then what you can do to fix this issue? The answer is simple, get your phone replaced from Samsung. I feel bad to say that, but this is the only solution today that you can do to fix this issue. I have worked with Samsung support team on this issue in the past but all did they asked me to do was to do a factory reset, which didn’t work of course.

Now, if your phone is in warranty then I do suggest you to reach out to Samsung and get it replaced but if your phone is not in warranty then they might ask you to drop it to some mechanic to get it repaired.

Let’s face it; these are the only solutions available today for this issue. Depending on your situation I advise to work accordingly. Hope this post was somewhat useful.

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