Solution to #cstike_chat Disabled problem in Counter Strike

There is a strange problem in Counter Strike 1.6 or Half-Life that while playing over internet or Lan with friends we often come across that when we publish our chat either by using say option or say_team option we see that #cstike_chat comes at bottom of screen instead of the chat message that we are supposed to see.

Let us see the problem types and their solutions. There are two kinds of this problem:

1.    If the chat is disabled and we don’t see any chat

2.    Or we see #cstike_chat message in place of the actual chat message at the bottom of the screen.

Solution to problem 1:

•    Open the console by pressing tilde key (`).
•    Type hud_saytext_time X where X is the number of seconds that a message will stay on the screen example 5.
•    The chat message will appear for 5 seconds on the screen.

Solution to problem 2:

•    Download the counter strike 1.6 non steam cumulative patch V23 cs16patch_full_V23.exe.
•    Install the patch in the same directory as the installed game.
•    This will create a new shortcut on the desktop of the game, always the run the game from this new shortcut only.
•    The problem would have been fixed.

23 Replies to “Solution to #cstike_chat Disabled problem in Counter Strike”

  1. i know RAJAT personally

    he is a big time noob in cs
    v play quite a lot

    and just watch him play………..

    gaming freak….lol

  2. dude u hav done a gr8 job man
    ma frnd whoz a pro in cs but surely a noob in this stuff
    told me 2 download da latest cs lolz 330 mb but u solved it in 25 mb
    kool dude
    keep it up!!!!
    ty a lot !!!!

  3. hey i don’t have any of the problems.
    But the problem is that something in Russian is contentiously is been written from my name in chat when i am in game.
    I cant understand who is writing all this. & it is not stopping at all. help me fast

  4. My problem was of the first type.
    THanks a lot buddy!:)
    I was searching for all kinds of mods,but thanks to you i was able to resolve it.
    God Bless you mate. 🙂

  5. Mr Rajat Im facing similar kind of problem….when I type something it shows following error:

    % 1 = % 2

    Will the link u provided work in this case ?

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