Solution to download exe files blocked by the server

This happens most of the times that we wish to download certain file like a .zip file or an .exe file from the internet at our college, school or office but the downloading is blocked from the server. This was the same problem faced by one of our viewers. So here is the way how you can download any file from the net even if it is blocked.


The best possible solution can be to download the file in some encrypted format whose extension is unknown to the server and later rename the extension after the downloading. This is the principle used by an online tool “Download at Work” that enables us to download any type of file from the internet even if it is blocked at the server.

How it works:

•    We have to enter the URL of the file that we need to download.

•    Then choose the extension that we want our file to get encrypted into like .doc, .pdf etc.

•    We can also choose the extension to be .aaa which would be unrecognized by the server.

•    After the downloading we just need to rename the file in the original format.

But let me remind you that this method will only work until your administrator comes to know about it.

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  1. even this doesnt works..! after pasting the download url, if i click do it, its not even linking the site, . the server , if it finds a word containing .exe its not allowing to contact the site.. could the site can clear this bug, by making the transactions encrypted..?

  2. OMG!!!
    check this site:
    here you can download files of any size (even GB’s)
    and change its file extension
    and download to your pc with high speed, resume support, multiple files at once

    to downloader (July 21st, 2009 at 8:46 pm),
    this bug is not present in the site i mention above

    with this site you can also download files from all the popular file hosting services like rapidshare etc.

  3. You can use a proxy site. However, if you do, be careful not to type in anything that is private – such as passwords, credit card numbers or bank account information as all of that can be tracked and recorded. I am using VPN service to access blocked websites from work very easily.

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