Solution to Facebook Videos Not Working Problem

I came across many people who are facing difficulty in viewing videos on their facebook account. Facebook videos are great way to express your mood, views and also pass time. But if you are also struggling with the same problem then here are the steps to solve this problem.

To be able to solve this problem one must understand that to play any media embedded in the browser like the video, it must be having the Adobe Flash player installed and in fact this is the most common cause of this problem.

So what you need to first do is check whether your browser has the Flash Player installed or not, if it is then make sure that it is the latest one. Visit the Adobe Flash Player site (link at bottom), get the latest player and install it but remember if you are upgrading it then remove the earlier version, restart the system and install the new version for the clean install.

It would be interesting to note that Google Chrome comes preloaded with the Adobe Flash Player whereas for Firefox and Opera you can install a plug-in available. Visit the site for more info on installing. Note: If only some videos are not playing then it might be that they are disabled by the owner.

Download Adobe Flash Player

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