Solution to fix Blue Screen of Death

We all must have come across a situation when suddenly working on the system, we notice that a “Blue screen” comes up reading “Physical Memory Dump” and also showing some hexadecimal numbers. This is like a nightmare to all computer users and we all fear this problem, don’t we?

There are many problems that cause this problem. Most common of them are:

1.    RAM Failure:

This problem is mostly caused if there is some problem in your RAM installed in the computer. So just try changing it with any of your friend’s but with similar RAM configuration.

2.    Hardware Failure:

The problem can arise due to some conflict between the system and any new hardware that you have installed on your system. This can be hard disk, mouse or any hardware. So unplug the new hardware you installed.

3.    Registry Problems:

This problem can also be caused if there is some error in your registry values (caused by some illegal software or a virus). If you do not know the values then formatting can be the only option.

This is how you can disable the computer to restart in case of Serious Errors and the formation of Memory Dump:

•    Open My Computer properties dialog and click the Advanced tab.

•    Then click the Settings button in the Start-up and Recovery section.

•    Click to remove the check next to Automatically Restart checkbox.

•    In the Write debugging information tab, click to select (none) and then click OK.

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  1. hello, this blue screen often comes on my laptop so what shud i do to overcome this problem.

    i formatted lapi before rakhi and installed only Tm sunrise after that so what is the problem,dude?

  2. well i have listed all the types of errors and their solutions but if you were still not able to fix it, then it would be better if you contact your technical support.
    If you find some solution then do share it here.

  3. Often this problem is related to hardware incompatibility level as described by admin and it starts irritating just after you install or start using a new hardware on your computer, yes it may not start on installation and then irritates you when you use it….

    So try to make a list of most recently added hardwares and try to get the relation between the start of problem and installation or use of a new hardware or software.

    This the first step of troubleshooting and remember, Formating and reloading the OS must not be your first and frequent troubleshooting tool as it resets your system but doesn’t terminate the problem, thus the problem may still annoy you if you again try those hardwares or softwares, think if you run a business pc and you badly need a hardware or a software for business purpose, then does it solve your problem by just formatting and reloading?????

    When you get the root of problem then search on the internet for the devicename or the software name plus your operating system with proper versions in a single string (eg. “cdspace 5.0 windows xp problem”). You would probably find correct software patches or solutions online free of cost.

  4. i got a barnd new hp laptop as a present but unfortunately the battrey got los during shipment. i then connected a power adpter without the battrey. but one day as i was busy working on the laptop i accidentally tripped on the poer cable and it unplegged its self from the computer. when i tried to connect it back the laptop could not switch on. what could be the problem

  5. @eusoph
    Strange but it would be better if you seek advice from your manufacturer and no need to worry yours is still in warranty 🙂

  6. In order to understand wt the problem is you need to view the stop code.

    Step 1 : Disable Windows automatic restart option.
    Step 2 : Read the code and begin to comprehend the problem. Common codes include the STOP 0×00000002, which may be followed by the error ‘device_queue_not_busy’.

    The most likely cause for most codes is an error with hardware or device drivers, which are generally, resolved using a few simple steps.

    1. Reboot the computer as the blue screen of death may just vanish as if it never existed. The stop error can be a temporary issue due to unknown errors within the system. If this fails, next you need to troubleshoot.

    2. So it could be a new program? New hardware? Updates? If there has been recent activity or changes, simply undo it and test for the stop error.

    3. Undo The problem, you can use system restore, reverse any updates on driver devices, and starting up with last known good configuration.

    4. Still Problem Check enough space on your system partition, which holds Windows. Lack of memory can apparently cause stop errors. Check also that your computer is virus free.

  7. I keep getting the blue screen of Death when i start World of war-craft. I have asked my friends if this has happened to them and they say that it runs fine for them. Does anyone know what i should do to stop this so i can have a smooth game-play without being interrupted by that annoying blue death?

  8. Hi Rajat,
    I am also facing the same issue these days, I have changed HDD, formatted and reinstalled XP SP2 in my desktop and I ran MEMTEST using bootable usb to find RAM ERRORS. Found no errors and the problem persists. Any suggestions?

  9. @Mahaveer
    This problem is mainly due to incompatible and recent hardware or software change. Did you change your hardware or software recently, if yes then it is not working properly and thus causing this error.

  10. Nop. Everything is the same.
    I was once informed that my RAM is dying by a local h/w tech. Is it possible to not to receive any errors through MEMTEST(upto 2-3 tests) if RAM is at fault?

  11. Mahaveer there is something that is at fault which is making the system to not to boot, and there is no specific solution that works. Thus i would advise you to get your machine checked.

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