Solution to HTTP 500 Internal Sever Error

If you are some daily user of Internet who likes to visit different websites then you must have come across some websites where you have seen an error message like this “500 Internal Error”. This is a general error message that can be seen on any website and on any browser or the Operating System. Since each website uses their own customizations, this error might be termed as HTTP 500 Internal Error on some.

What is the cause of 500 Internal Server Error?

The error code is very general and is used to indicate that something wrong had gone with the website or the website’s server where it is hosted. So this error message simply means there is some error with the website and nothing wrong with your own system.


The code is very general and can occur for many reasons. Thus in case you come across this message next time, you don’t have to worry about your system.

Solution to Fix 500 Internal Error:

While this error is because of some issue at the website side or the server side, there is not much you can do about it. However to be sure that this error is global, you can perform following steps to be sure.

Reload: try reloading the page or visiting the url in some other browser.
Delete Cookies: Delete the temp cookies from your browser to make new website cookies.
Delete cache: Clearing the browser history and the cache might also help.
• Visit the website later as this temp problem might be fixed.

You can also try contacting the website webmaster and see what he has to say about the issue. There is one important thing to note here that, if you see this error while checking out at some shopping site, then don’t reload the page as it might duplicate your purchase. [via]

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