Solution to iPhone Disconnects Automatically on Sync Problem

I got an iPhone for myself some days back and I started facing problems linked to it. There were many of those but what I would like to share here with you is that there were times when I was syncing my iPhone with iTunes to transfer some songs, applications etc but it just disconnected from iTunes automatically after some time preventing my transfer.

The same problem was also faced by my friend whose iPhone disconnected automatically after it synced some applications. Well if you are also facing the same problem then try this solution and surely it will solve your problem.

There are two things to perform if you are also troubled by iPhone disconnecting automatically from iTunes during sync problem.

1.    If you have connected your iPhone or iPod to the front USB ports of the computer then do remove it from there and connect it at the rear ports of the PC which are High Speed ports. Not all front ports are high speed and thus could limit iPhone’s transfer capability.

2.    Just switch of your iPhone/iPod and restart it again. This is an important step that will solve the problem.

Now when you will connect to the iTunes this time, your phone will not disconnect automatically and will sync without any problems.

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  1. I had this same problem, but neither of your solutions worked. HOWEVER, I discovered that because I was using a third-party USB cable (made by Griffin), that was why iTunes kept booting my iPhone off when I tried to copy any music over.

    So if you are having this problem while using a third-party connection cable, use an official Apple iPhone cable and the problem may go away. It worked for me!

  2. The cable was my issue as well. A Belkin cable from a car charger, assumed it was the same as apples cable. It was driving me nuts…

    All cables are not created equal, always use the Apple cable when hooking up to the computer.

  3. I discovered the same issue with my iphone, disconects after a while because i had lots of usb devices at the same time, when i disconect some of them the iphone works fine.

  4. Mine would disconnect during a sync. I was using an extension cable and a cable from my car charger as well. Using the apple cable let it sync finally. Thanks for the info!

  5. Wow, using the high speed ports in the back of my pc corrected a lot of things that were going wrong with my iphone. I used to get “Iphone cannot be synced. Disk not found/cant be read or written to” error while manually adding songs and syncing back to itunes songs and apps I had bought using my phone. Also, while backing up my iphone, I would get the iphone disconnected error. Funny how a something as simple as using the high speed ports corrected everything. I’m glad I found this site.

  6. Thanks, changing to the rear usb solved my iPod’s synching problems, where iTunes would say my iPod disconnected during synching certain songs.

  7. My problem is with connecting my iphone to my PC,i connect the phone to usb,it connect’s and then automatically disconnect’s,and then connect’s and disconnect’s,and so on,i don’t understand what the problem is,helped only a restart of the iphone but only for a single connection,after i disconnect the device and try connecting it again the problem returns.
    P.S. sorry for my bad english 🙂

  8. I have been having the same problem that Adrian described on my wife’s iPhone 3G. I swapped out the iPod cable that I had in the back for the iPhone cable and also restarted the iPhone and the PC. After a few quirky disconnects, I was finally able to sync the phone with iTunes. It now appears to be working properly.

    I hope this helps you Adrian and others in our situation.

  9. This got me thinking and mine was a cable issue too, I was using a USB extension, when I plugged in direct it was fine.

  10. Rob K helped me. The presence of a USB extension cable caused My iPhone to disconnect after each file. Need to go direct witout the extension and its fine.

  11. I’ve had this same issue, but I’m using the apple cable and I’m on a macbook pro and therefore only have 2 usb ports (both of which i have tried) and I can’t use davids theory because my iPod is a 120GB Classic. PLEASE HELP!

  12. m still having this problm ur solution does not work. i connect my iphone on the back port of my laptop and also restart my phone but after connecting itune showed it but as i sync the application my phone disconnect on the 2nd step…. now what should i do…………….. plz help me

  13. @fahadk
    You can connect at any port of the laptop, just make sure that you have a genuine USB cable as duplicate ones dont work properly.

  14. Wuhoooo You’re Cool Man .. I Got Ma Problem SOlved After Plugin It At One Of The Port At Back And Em Not Using Genuine Cable .. Much Obligedddd!!

  15. changin the usb port helped me to solve nothing !


    so user unfrendly, so expensive, so many fake useless and boring applications …. the main operating system doesn’t have many usual utilities like selective deletion of calls made , free video filming really great dissapointment

  16. Indeed!! It was the problem related a non-Apple make cable. I was using a third party cable to transfer/sync my data with iphone.

    now i am back with original hardware stuff. WOW !! Apple is apple !!

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