Solution to lsass.exe System Error

This was the error message faced by one of our readers that immediately after the system boot up, there popped an error message reading “lsass.exe System Error” with an OK button clicking on which shuts down the system. The system restarts again with the same error message.

Cause of the problem:
There can be 2 reasons for the problem, either virus infection or the registry corruption.

Solutions to the problem:

Fixing Virus Infection

•    Download the AntiMalware Mbam, and scan with it.
•    You can also scan the system with your updated system antivirus.

Fixing Registry Corruption

•    Download the registry cleaner RegCure and scan using this.
•    This shall clean most of the corrupted registry entries.

If any of these don’t solve your problem then it is better to reinstall the OS.

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