Solution to Missing/No Java Section in Advanced tab of IE7 Browser

This problem was reported by one of our readers that in his Vista operating System there was no section of Java in the Internet Options of IE7 even after installing the latest updates from the official Java site (one that is shown below)

Java is required while browsing internet and to open many pages that require a small java applet to be opened up. Java is required by every browser whether it is Internet Explorer or Firefox. To restore the missing Java section in the web browsers just follow the following steps. However you can also perform the following steps to disable the Java from browsers.


1.    Open Control Panel.

2.    If your computer is updated with the updates of Java then you would see “Java” options there.

3.    Open the Java control panel, go to Advanced tab.

4.    See the option of “Default Java for Browsers” setting.

5.    Check the button of “Microsoft Internet Explorer” to integrate IE with Java.

Similarly you can do it for other browsers installed. Hope the problem is solved.

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  1. Thanks, But I have already checked that, in fact, IE was selected by default in vista. Moreover, you cannot alter it also coz it was disable for user.

  2. Thanks, But I have already checked that, in fact, IE was selected by default in vista. Moreover, you cannot alter it also coz it was disable for user.
    So, the problem persists.

  3. I have also tried with all possible options in add-ons, like diabled all add-ons restarted the system. no use. again enable all add ons , still no use. tried all possible combinations of add ons, no success. all tried changing some java settings in control panel.

    can u please help, what could be the reason. I have also read somewhere that this may be because of java and microsoft issue.

  4. I’ve spent the better half of my weekend grappling with this. Am stuck at the exact some point – Java doesn’t appear in the Advanced – Internet Options Tab & the Java default browser checks IE but is disable for user edit.

    Could this prob be fixed by checking for new win updates / installing ie8?

  5. I have the same problem. I am on Internet Explorer 7. I have the latest Java version installed but when I open Advanced tab on the Java control panel the Microsoft Internet Explorer box is checked but grayed out.

  6. I was using IE8 on Vista. No Java section in Advanced tab. Under the Java Control Panel, Microsoft Internet Explorer is grayed out. I uninstalled IE8 and went back to IE7. I removed Java from my machine and reinstalled v6u13. My problem has not gone away.

  7. I reinstalled IE8 and I still don’t have Java. I downloaded Google’s Chrome and not only is it MUCH faster than IE8, it also runs Java. Goodbye IE8, hello Chrome!

  8. I have this exact same problem to the letter. Using IE8, Java doesn’t appear in the Advanced – Internet Options Tab & the Java default browser checks IE but is disabled for user edit (greyed out).


  9. Anyone find the solution to this? I’m so frustrated. I have the same problem as everyone else. Java doesn’t appear in the advanced tab section and the Microsoft Internet Explorer is checked already but grayed out. There’s nothing I can do. I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to resolve this. Anyone figure this out? Please help!

  10. I took Pierre’s advice above and installed google’s chrome. Oh my gosh is this the best ever! I was able right away to print coupons that uses java and the speed is unbeatable. Thank you Pierre for the awesome advice. Google’s chrome is free too! Can’t beat this.

  11. I have the same problem. Currently using Windows 7 Professional, IE 8 and latest Java 6 update 20. Java does not appear in the Advanced tab of the Internet options, and IE is selected by default under Default Java for Browsers. The same symptoms some of you are reporting/complaining about. This is so irritating.

    Another problem is in the Java plug-in control panel, the ‘Update’ tab is missing. Only the ‘General’, ‘Java’, ‘Security’, ‘Advanced’ tab.

  12. anyone resolve this -i have same issue IE8 no java in Internbet Options and applets willnot run

  13. Peter, I am having the same problem, which is IE8 no JAva in Internet options. Up to now, I have not encountered any problem of applets will not run. As for the problem I described earlier about the the Update tab not appearing, here is the strange thing.
    I used to have both 32-bit and 64-bit Java installed, then the update tab not there. After I uninstalled both, and re-installed 32-bit, the update tab was there.
    When I re-installed 64-bit, the update tab disappeared but after unisntalling 64-bit again, the update tab was there again. In summary the update tab appears only when 32-bit is installed, and when BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit is installed, the update tab disappears. but in the past when I had both it was not like that, it was like that only recently.

    As for the IE8 no java in internet options, it has been like that all the while, ever since I discovered it.

  14. So, After # of hours
    Check Java and etc.
    Found: in Tools/Manage Add-ons
    Go Show: Download Controls
    look Java (1.6.) Plug-in Enabled. It looks like is fine
    Next- Highlight one of them.
    Click right button on mouse (Prrperties)
    and open More information
    Open page More Information and
    Click “Allow to all sites”
    It says “You have approved ….”
    and pop *

  15. Hey am having the same issue, i’m trying to create a wordpress theme that requires some jquery elements as well as a slider script, problem is that, Java works fine when i’m on websites that i am browsing through the internet. But for some reason if i use my localhost (easyPHP) to browse what i’m working on java doesn’t work.

    It was working before i updated java, i also have the greyed out option and no java options in IE.

    I’m using windows 7 64bit, i ahve two instances of java in the addon management section for some random reason also.

    Need to get this sorted asap as i have a client waiting on me!

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