Solution to Mouse Double Clicks when Single Clicked Problem

From last few days I have come across a strange thing on my PC that whenever I click on the mouse it gets double clicked on its own and opens the folder. For example if I single click on a program, then it opens that program as if I have double clicked on it. Though this is not a big issue but sometimes whenever I try to delete a folder or file, the file or the folder gets opened rather getting selected.

I thought maybe it would be my mistake, I rechecked it twice and thrice but the same problem persists. Then I thought maybe someone must have made changes in the speed of double clicking mouse pointer. So I reduced the double-click speed to the slowest level but the problem was still there.

Then while searching on internet for the solution of this problem, I came across ‘Troubleshoot mouse double-clicking when you single-click’ support page of Microsoft. The reasons listed there were exactly the same that I came up with. The page suggested checking the mouse in safe mode. This is a good option to test these issues in safe mode for all windows users.

Then I opt to check the mouse drivers. I have been using Logitech mouse driver, I uninstalled the driver and set the mouse driver to default. After reboot, I found that the problem was resolved. However I can’t say with 100% surety that the problem was because of the driver but yeah it worked for me.

If this issue would not have solved by uninstalling and installing the driver also, getting my hardware detected would have been my last option. At this situation you should use Mouse Fix software. The software basically blocks the mouse from clicking a second time when the button is released. But according to developer the program works with Windows XP only but according to me it will work in Windows 7 as well. You can try it too.

If nothing works, then obviously your mouse had gone bad and it is the time to get it replaced.

Download Mouse Fix

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