Solution to No Invisible Option in Gmail Chat

Gtalk has been missing several features that have been discussed many times till now but to cope up for these the Google team introduced the Invisible option in the Gmail chat which is still missing from the Gtalk client.

Though Gmail has introduced the Invisible feature in the Gmail chat but you can still find it buggy. What I found recently that the “Invisible” option was missing from the Gmail chat when I used it at my friend’s place. The above pic describes the situation.


The problem of missing invisible option from Gmail chat can be solved by trying following steps.

1.    Just ensure that you are using the latest version of the Gmail as the invisible option is there only in the new version and not the old.

So if you haven’t upgraded to the latest version, do it now.

2.    Strangely this problem is browser specific that is you will see the option only if you are using the latest versions of the popular browsers like Firefox, IE7 etc. I have seen the option missing from the IE version 6 while the option was there in the latest version IE7 on the same PC.

You may also like to see the Google Talk Labs edition which has more capabilities than the normal Gtalk edition.

12 Replies to “Solution to No Invisible Option in Gmail Chat”

  1. i have a new browser and the latest gmail.
    i used to have gtalk. one day i logged on and it was gone!!!
    what happened?
    i am incredibly pc illiterate and im dying here….

  2. hi…i ahve been using gmail talk and invisible option was available earlier which is not there anymore. why would this happen over night?

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