Solution to NSIS Error when Installing Software

The problem was reported to us by one of our readers who was facing this problem that on installing any software on a system having Windows 7 installed, there came an error message reading “NSIS error”. If you are also facing some similar issue, then here are details on how to go about this.

What is meant by NSIS error?

Let us first get to know what NSIS mean and why do we get this error message. NSIS stands for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. The error usually comes when the installer file of the software has been altered and is no longer the same as the one released by the developer.

Note: Thus, we first advise you to contact the author of the software and get the genuine setup file for installation.

Solution to the Problem:

When downloading the setup file from internet:

•  Clear your browser’s cache.
•  Disable any download accelerators or managers and download the installer again.
•  Rename the installer so it is a simple one-word name with no special characters (without removing the .exe suffix). Example: install.exe
•  Download the installer from another source approved by the software developer or publisher. It might be corrupted on the server, or the connection to the server is unreliable from your location.
•    Try downloading the tool from another computer as well.

If the setup file is from a CD/DVD drive:

If the file is from disk drive then the disk might have gone corrupt. Try downloading it again and if it is showing some read errors then get a new disk.

Last Solution:

The installer can be executed even if it is corrupt using CLI (which is however not recommended as it may affect system badly).

•    Run cmd to open Command Line.
•    Drag the installer into the window (it will list the path of the setup file)
•    Press Space and type /NCRC
•    Press Enter

The installer will start installing the setup.

These are the workarounds to the problem however it is better to get a new setup file from the author than trying to install the corrupt file. (via nsis sourceforge)

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  1. i kinda had similar problem recently, i was trying to install a game and had some problems. everything was solved when i tried to install it on another partition other than C

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