Solution to Pen Drive Showing Less Space than Actual

Several readers of our blog TS, sent me this problem that their pen drive is showing them less space than the actual. This problem was faced by one of our readers recently that I decided to write a solution for it.

The problem was that despite being the 4GB capacity drive, it showed only 900 MB of free space and was not storing data more than this. Even on formatting the drive, it could store only 900 MB of data only. If you are also facing the similar issue then here are the two solutions that you should try to make your drive work fine again.

Note: Data in the drive will be lost.

First Solution:

1.    Plug in your pen drive
2.    Type diskmgmt.msc in Run box to open Disk Management.
3.    Select your drive’s partition.
4.    Right click on it and select the option of “Delete Volume” in it.

5.    This will delete the memory space allocated and free up the total space.
6.    Now in the empty space created again right click and select “Create Volume” to create the space.
7.    Select the file system and format the partition to be able to use it again.

Second Solution:

If you are unsure of the first solution or if it doesn’t work for you then try using this format utility called HP Format Disk Utility which is actually a low level format utility.
Use this utility to format the drive and it shall be working again normally.

Drop a comment below for which solution worked for you.

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  1. None of the two worked for me. I have toshiba 16GB pendrive and it reduced to 4MB. I have checked in linux also, it shows only 4MB

  2. DISKPART> list disk

    Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
    ——– ————- ——- ——- — —
    Disk 0 Online 298 GB 0 B
    Disk 1 Online 7509 MB 6619 MB

    DISKPART> select disk 1

    Disk 1 is now the selected disk.

    DISKPART> clean

    DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

    DISKPART> create partition primary

    DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

    DISKPART> exit

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