Solution to Problem when Connecting to Server in Counter Strike

I like playing games a lot and last time while playing Counter Strike when I tried to join an online server there was a problem while connecting to the server. This is a common problem faced by most of us who like to play Counter Strike online.

I knew the server address to connect but when I entered the command in the game console there was error like

Connecting to

And the game stuck at retrying the server again and again.

The cause of the problem is that there is some program running in the system that is stopping the game to connect to the internet right now that can be a Firewall or some other program like Norton Default Firewall.

This is what I did to fix the problem:

1.    First I made sure that all entries related to Half Life, in the “Exceptions” tab in Windows Firewall are checked.

2.    Then I downloaded the Norton Removal Tool which on running unblocked the things that were preventing the game to connect to the internet.

Note: This tool might remove most of the Norton tools on your system.

Yippee, I was able to play the game now with ease.

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