Solution to recover accidentally Deleted Files or Data

OMG!! You have accidentally deleted a file that you wish to use further, instead of another that you actually wanted to delete. What’s more you have emptied the recycle bin as well! This is the common thing faced by almost all of us some or the other day.

Wondering what to do when Windows have no option to restore it? Well after the efforts of computer experts, no more worries. But before knowing the solution it would be worth noting that when we delete a file, Windows actually delete the reference to it and not the file itself. Of course it will use the space again when required.

This is how you can recover your lost data:

Download a free and simple utility called “Recuva”, to be pronounced as “Recover”. The tool is developed by the same team who developed “CCleaner” (another great tool to delete temporary files and clean out the registry).

Recuva is a fast program that can undelete the files including images, documents and many others. Adding to this, you can even find the specific deleted file (if you remember the name) using the search box and other files with similar names.

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  1. Hi, I have downloaded the recuva software and tried on my system. But the recover files seem to be corrupted. When I open the files some different text is displayed in the file. So please suggest.

  2. The only reason for that is the clusters where the files were stored in hard disks have been overwritten with some new data. You can also try deep scan but it takes more time.

  3. hi have downloaded the recuva software and tried on my system.But the file which recoverd while opening that file the message is coming that file is of diffrent format or corruprt please help me out in this case i will bw very thankful for this .

  4. Used Recuva to recover deleted data and it worked like charm. I had only one partition and recovered files were copied to the same partition from where the files were deleted. Though Recuva could not recover around 5% of files but I suspect that is because bits were overwritten as everything is being done in the same partition. For better results, write the recovered files into a separate partition.

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