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I was facing this problem recently that whenever I clicked on any part of a webpage a pop-up opened that showed some advertisement. Yes I know how much annoying it feels when you are surfing the net and clicking on a legitimate site opens a popup ad from and in a new window.

Initially I thought it to be normal and something done by the site administrator but slowly I realized that the same site opened the popup ad only on my PC and not on my friend’s. I suspected the cause and came across this solution that fixed my problem.

Cause of this problem:

The only cause of this problem is a Malware that has infected your system. The malware is so effective that even the Anti Spyware installed in your system will not be able to detect it. It is able to change the DNS of our system that results in redirection of the site to the popup ad before the actual page. The malware can leak your information and thus requires to be removed asap.

Solution to Fix the Problem:

1.    Ensure that your computer is virus free.

2.    Download this great tool called mbam-setup.exe from Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware that will clean your system from Malwares.

3.    Just install it and run a quick/full san.

4.    It will take out all your malware causing this problem and will remove them.

5.    Restart the PC.

6.    You may also witness your DNS settings removed as was in my case, so just fill in the entries again to see the internet working again.

This fixed my problem completely and let me know if it did yours.

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