Solution to remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive

This seems to be the problem of most of us these days and some of our readers who wanted to know the methods how they can remove the Write Protected error from their USB drives like Pen Drives and memory cards.

What is Write Protected error and why it happens?

In the Write Protected error, we can’t write or copy any data in our flash drives and even can’t format the drive.

There are many reasons that cause this problem, let’s see solutions of them.


•    First of all try to locate a small switch (if any, that you may have not noticed) at some place on the drive or memory card reader. This is the prime reason for this error. If there is one, switch it to the other side to turn the protection off.

•    Yes I know this problem is also occurring these days without this switch but not to worry. Just download this helpful software from here and run it to execute a “low-level format” on the drive. This software is quite handy and may take few attempts to actually remove the error.

If that low level format tool does not work, try another one Link.

•    The problem can also be caused by some virus activity so just get it scanned by some updated good anti virus which may solve your problem.

•    BUT if none of the methods listed above solves your problem then your pen drive might have gone corrupted, so just get it replaced.

Hope any of the methods listed above solves your problem.

Update 1:

After the low level format, you may need to “Partition the drive“. Dont worry, partitioning a pen drive means allocating it its File System and Cluster Size that was lost after the Low Level Format.

For that:

  1. Run diskmgmt.msc in Run.
  2. In the disk management window, select the pen drive, right click on it and click on Format.
  3. Now choose the File System and Allocation Unit Size and do not check the boxes below.

Click OK and the drive will be reusable after this.

Update 2 (Better Solution):

Follow the steps in this post and just put the value 0 (zero) in step 5.

This will surely solve your problem now.

Update 3 (Solution Working):

Thanks to one of our readers Jim, who made us aware about the tool called Neo 9 (Download Neo 9), using which we can easily solve this write protection problem.

For transcend drive users, try the tool at this link, it has been found to work.

This solution has been found working for many users (see the comments below).

If the solution also works for you then do share the solution with other users as it might come handy to them too. Use the Share button below.

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  1. thank u very much. i was unable to delete or save or format.. small problem, it was my i pod , pen drive was put it hold mode…. after reading this page i formatted it, thank you

  2. thanks,truely this thanks from my heart.using ur software repair_neo,i get back my pen drive.i have no words to thank u all.just keep it up and help us…………………

  3. thank u very much man…..mine was transcend and dat software helped me(online recovery tool)…now my PD is working just FINE…:D

  4. Dear All,

    i purchased transcend 256GB pendrive in delhi palika bazar, it is working fine but i formatted 256 gb pendrive after that the pendrive is detecting but storage is not displaying the message
    ” the file or directory is couurpted or unreadeble ” please give solution to the above problem

  5. dear sir
    write not solve after download neo format soft. but that was unable to search pen drive while system show pen drive

    plz give me solution

  6. Great! I have tried to solve the write protection problem of my Pen drive by all method. Last of all I have tried with Neo 9. It worked wonderfully. Thanks.

  7. Nothing else but Neo 9, worked. At first attempt the format failed but after 2~3 attempts and then after I change the USB port, VIOLA!!!!
    I could format my USB flash drive with Windows format utility, Write-portection is gone.

    Thanks you for this information.

  8. I have tried all above mentioned methods still left with the write protect problem on SANDISK usb pen drive. Pls suggest me if any other strong utiliy availble.

  9. What Password remover program can I use?
    Is there a software program i can download which will let me remove a password from my USB memory pen? It is my paid USB and am so upset I cannot access my files which aren’t backed up any where else. I use Windows XP and the program is called LOCK V 2.43
    I need to find a program not a hacker! that will allow me to either extend the password trial so I have a couple of tries to get my password right. I didn’t know that after 6 tries the bloody thing will actually errase all of my work. Please not lectures if you don’t know of a programe that allows you to remove a passwork setting on a USB pen from any program not just Windows than would be very very thankfull 10 stars!! thank you

    Additional Details
    I don’t need to remove anything from my laptop as it’s unrelated. The LOCK V 2.34 programe on my external pen drive is stopping me from opening my files on my external USB stick. Nothing to do with Windows passwords, as I don’t have any passwords. Thank you

  10. Hi All,
    My pen drive shows write protected i have used all tools like HS2.0, HDDLLF, Neo. Neo shows USB flash disk not found but i have inserted my pen drive My pen drive make is TWINMOS plz help me to fix this its an 8 GB Device.

  11. Hi.. i need to remove write protection from Transcend 8GB pendrive.

    all software can not send to copy the pendrive.

    please tell me how about remove write protection from transcend 8GB pendrive.

    how to solve in my pendrive.


  12. hi.. the only solution i have got is to do it through this software. “JetFlash Online Recovery”.. i have suffered a lot for this problem for a long.. so want to share the solution to you guyz.. good luck

  13. I have this pen with me, useless for a number of years. Tried all sorts of solutions, but only Neo did it. Many thanx guys!! It’s not about the product, but finding solution is what makes me happy. Many thanks to you mr. Jim as well.

    All the best!

  14. hi, i have been searching how to remove the write protection thing, however I have tried every way like… the low format, hp format tool, format in disk management, diskpart, chkdsk format, neo 9 and the registry thing… and the only thing im getting is media is write protected my flash is 8gb

  15. For those people who are experiencing device not found…i also experience that, but i was able to manage its a bit tricky and risky as well. I downloaded gparted live cd first and format my usb there as NTFS and then i used this post here to remove the write protection. it works…

  16. I tried all of that but it still have write protect , when I tried to format with quick format tool it writes only that drive is write protect , It’s happens on all computers where i tried my flash drive … (TDK (16GB)) , please help somebody …

    go to this link and download the neo8 software and after installation run the software, it will ask for formatting of drive(removable). click ok it will format your drive and will remove write protection. Thank you so much..

    But if there is someimportant data is there in your pen drive do take bachup of the same and then try the above mention link.

  18. Hi, Thanks for the info, seriously i thought my pen drive will not be usable again i tried lots of tools and methods to recover it but nothing did. i found your article through search engine my pen drive was Transcend and your link to download the online recovery tool really recovered my pen drive thanks a lot.

  19. Thank u Jim and the admin u guys helped me a lot!!! thank u guys totally happy my transcend pen drive is totally fit for use..:):)

  20. hi……… thanks for your soluntions…… i tried all so many times.
    but it can’t resolve my problem..
    plz give better solutions……….

    thanks once again.

  21. ‘For transcend drive users, try the tool at this link, it has been found to work.’

    This solution worked for me. I had been try for some time. Thanks a lot

  22. hi… thank you so much! I’ve tried all possible solution around the net but this one solves my perfectly:)

  23. Hi
    I have a similar problem with an Axiz 16G flash drive. I can’t seem to find the Neo 9 tool that may work.. I’ve tried pretty much everything except this tool.. does anyone have a working mirror for it? the link doesn’t seem to work from here… 🙁

  24. hi almost 2 days try to fix this write protection problem from any diff. sites finally i got it. thank you so much…

  25. hello everyone!i have a micro sd 2 gb card…i was using it in my htc wildfire…one day i was taking photos…the battery was down…right after taking a photo the phone asked me to insert card…i took out the card and re-inserted it but in vain…then i tried to access it through the pc,by putting it in other mobile phones but it won’t work!i also tried to format it through disk management and my computer, but it shows 12.5 mb space of the card and once i format it,it says that windows was unable to format the card!i also tried to format it through cmd but that too did no good!it said that the file system was RAW and was not accessible! 🙁
    recently i tried the hp key boot utility but it does not access the specified file, that’s what it said!i also tried the hdd low level format but it says that the device cannot be accessed because it is less than 65535 sectors! 🙁
    Is it over? can the card not be used anymore again? any ray of hope? i badly need to get my data because everything in it was really important for me! please help me!be as simple as u can because i am not that technical!thanking you in advance!

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