Solution to remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive

This seems to be the problem of most of us these days and some of our readers who wanted to know the methods how they can remove the Write Protected error from their USB drives like Pen Drives and memory cards.

What is Write Protected error and why it happens?

In the Write Protected error, we can’t write or copy any data in our flash drives and even can’t format the drive.

There are many reasons that cause this problem, let’s see solutions of them.


•    First of all try to locate a small switch (if any, that you may have not noticed) at some place on the drive or memory card reader. This is the prime reason for this error. If there is one, switch it to the other side to turn the protection off.

•    Yes I know this problem is also occurring these days without this switch but not to worry. Just download this helpful software from here and run it to execute a “low-level format” on the drive. This software is quite handy and may take few attempts to actually remove the error.

If that low level format tool does not work, try another one Link.

•    The problem can also be caused by some virus activity so just get it scanned by some updated good anti virus which may solve your problem.

•    BUT if none of the methods listed above solves your problem then your pen drive might have gone corrupted, so just get it replaced.

Hope any of the methods listed above solves your problem.

Update 1:

After the low level format, you may need to “Partition the drive“. Dont worry, partitioning a pen drive means allocating it its File System and Cluster Size that was lost after the Low Level Format.

For that:

  1. Run diskmgmt.msc in Run.
  2. In the disk management window, select the pen drive, right click on it and click on Format.
  3. Now choose the File System and Allocation Unit Size and do not check the boxes below.

Click OK and the drive will be reusable after this.

Update 2 (Better Solution):

Follow the steps in this post and just put the value 0 (zero) in step 5.

This will surely solve your problem now.

Update 3 (Solution Working):

Thanks to one of our readers Jim, who made us aware about the tool called Neo 9 (Download Neo 9), using which we can easily solve this write protection problem.

For transcend drive users, try the tool at this link, it has been found to work.

This solution has been found working for many users (see the comments below).

If the solution also works for you then do share the solution with other users as it might come handy to them too. Use the Share button below.

330 Replies to “Solution to remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive”

  1. please help buddy, the second solution also does not work! it says that the device media is write protected!! 🙁

  2. Arben !
    Thank you very much for your suggestion it is brilliant it worked i was about to format my laptop but it did thank you once again

  3. none of the above methods pendrive is sandisk cruser 16 gb. pls help me with some more methods

  4. The 4 gig Apacer USB flash drive I had a problem with had been used as a ReadyBoost drive. Decided to stop using ReadyBoost on Vista. Somehow the Properties option to stop using ReadyBoost was not available. Did a safe remove of the drive, then reinserted, and managed to remove the ReadyBoost files, but could not reformat the drive.

    The drive was useless. After stopping the ReadyBoost service (Control Panel/System and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/Services), I used the HDD LLF tool two times, then tried to format in Disk Management. Didn’t work.

    Earlier I had found some DOS instructions to try to get the read only attribute removed from the drive. That didn’t work, either.

    I also had tried the regedit method (but didn’t reboot afterward, if that would have made a difference, I don’t know). Anyway, that didn’t work, either.

    The drive could not be formatted still, but perhaps running the HDD LLF a couple of times helped before finally (after removing all but the one flash drive) using the Neo 9 tool (very basic).

    IT WORKED!!! The drive, which always had every indication of being healthy, finally could be formatted from within Disk Management!! The stupid write protection (read only) was finally conquered and eliminated!! What a triumph!

    Thank you for all the info! It was just a matter of spending a lot of time just trying EVERYTHING until success.

  5. my pandrive still not being formatted.. i used both low level formating and Run command to format it ….in diskmgmt.msc format option is hidden for my pandrive


  7. Neo 9 solve problem for my Kingston 4 gb….i tried all stuff but only neo 9 is helpful….give it a try…

  8. Thanks buddy. Great work. You deserve a lot of praise. Problem with my 64 gb memory card was that small switch on the card reader, that I hadn’t noticed. It troubled me for the whole week, but your suggestion solved this problem in 0.5 seconds. Appreciate it.

  9. I have Seagate HDD 500GB using office laptop Win7.
    Tried reg hack, DiskPart because I don’t want to lose my data there.
    One thing I have found working is by setting administrator user account a password (from Windows -> Right click at Computer -> Manage -> Local User and Groups -> Right Click on Administrator -> Set Password.)
    And when you’re done, change your domain to your computer domain, not logged-in as in your office domain.
    By then you can copy stuff from your laptop to your external HDD freely to bypass encryption (at least in my case). The only thing was, your office laptop will have an admin account with password that only you know.

  10. Hi Maris, Codeplaya and Vijay
    Instead of providing the link to download Neo 9, this time i have uploaded the software myself on our website itself.
    Please try again, i have updated the download link and you should be able to download Neo 9 now.

  11. neo 9 tool works
    it took longer time and finally a message showing “format failed”
    appeared. I removed the pen drive and again plugged in . I can now format the disk .It worked for me .try neo

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